• Your club can earn €20 each time one of your members purchases a SkillMaster® using your unique affiliate link.
  • With 30 SkillMaster® units sold through your affiliate link, your club will receive one free SkillMaster®. (One time offer)
  • Your club has the potential to earn monthly rewards based on the number of sales made through your affiliate link, including:

30 sales = €600  (plus one free SkillMaster® for the club, one-time only)

50 sales = €1000

100 Sales = €2000

Watch Here How Sign-Up is Simple.

Watch How to Sign-Up Here.

How to become an affilate member

  • Apply for membership by clicking "Become a Member" and wait for a confirmation email.
  • Verify your account from email.
  • You will land on the dashboard page.
  • Your Unique product link (URL) is automatically assigned for your affiliate programme in the dashboard.
  • Copy & Share the URL with club members.
  • You can LOGIN each time to check your account from the Affiliate Page on our website.
  • Your Club earns €20 for every SkillMaster® purchase made through the club URL (paid monthly).
  • The Kick Company manages all orders and deliveries.
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Benefits of the Affiliate Programme

  • Supplement club income and support player and coaching development.
  • Programme may expand beyond SkillMaster® as it grows.
  • The Kick Co. will handle all orders and queries from club members regarding purchase and delivery updates.
  • Order confirmation and invoice will be issued by The Kick Co. once SkillMaster® is purchased online by members.
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