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The Kick Company is founded on the belief that biography is not destiny, that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue and practice the sport that speaks to them.

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Our Story, Passion for Sports & Humble Beginning

“It takes a village to raise a child”

African proverb

It is applicable in every aspect of child development. We firmly believe that sports are no exception.

Parents, coaches, instructors, sports clubs, schools, community, and the government.

We are all vital components to help them succeed, thrive, and master their skills & achieve their ambitions. Embrace diversity and creativity to achieve dreams and ambition.

The Kick Company truly believe in this proverb. Our first product the SkillMaster®️ Ball Rebounder brings an immersive in-depth influence on players development. We have designed a rebounder, that will truly respond to the need of our players to be trained well, bolster their strength, and master their skills.

SkillMaster®️ a different perspective on the BALL REBOUNDER. Multi-sport. Multiuser, Gaelic football, Soccer, Rugby, Hurling, Tennis.

SkillMaster®️ is their training partner as they pursue their passion for sports and their desire to fully develop and improve the skills.

We encourage play, love for active sports play practice and most importantly, focus on the individual and their ambition to play their game well.

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