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• Respectively empowering young people to be able to stand tall and find their unique path and talents so they can thrive, perform, and fly in our changing world

• Access six key areas, with tools and techniques, thousands of young people said they needed support with during their teens, without having to do the scientific research

• Understand the foundation blocks which successful people use to build their wellbeing and performance, so you too can have this winning formula for life

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Download How-To guide for Q Pathfinder - Part 1
Download How-To guide for Q Pathfinder - Part 2
  • THE KICK COMPANY is about bringing skills development to all players of all genders and ages through equality of opportunity.
  • We wish to empower quality access to individual physical, mental and personal development that encourages a healthy attitude to life.
  • Player development is about self-awareness and application of good practices, so to for other aspects of personal development.
  • Persons 12 years and above can explore alternative choices to make more informed decisions, feeling more self-aware and in control of things as they move forward in life.
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Q Pathfinder & The Kick Company: A Common Purpose.

Fundamentally we share the same values. Q Pathfinder is most beneficial for 12-year-old and above. Inside of our respective core age profiles, our business models and purposes are about discovering inner talent. Parallels exist in providing the best quality engagement in an individual’s self-development. We have ensured the minimum of financial barriers to access this level of engagement. We both wish to empower the individuals to take control of their development to pursue their purpose.

What is “Q”?
  • Q is a personalised pathfinder development programme, available on a smartphone for young people aged 12 to early 20s.
  • It is focused on transforming the wellbeing and performance of young people and it is a source of high-quality information which is important to have for high quality outcomes.
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Baseball Rebounder

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Q on Screen, use on Smartphone.
  • Q simultaneously combines three insightful factors – tried and tested science, positive psychology, and a coaching approach.
  • Q never makes the decisions; it just provides personalised information that supports young people with their personal growth.
  • They can choose their area of interest, to access meaningful insights and simple exercises.
  • They can explore alternative choices to make more informed decisions, feeling more self-aware and in control of things as they move forward.
Q supports with:
  • Making career choices
  • Understanding individual strengths and potentials
  • Making subject choices
  • Building skills
  • Developing confidence, mental fitness, and wellbeing
  • Creating and achieving goals
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Q is supported and developed by Quintillion Group Limited
(Trading name Quintillion Cognitive Technologies) and is registered in England & Wales under number 18746518

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CALL: Mark 087 773 0988

Mark, from The Kick Company is available for queries at: or 0877730988.

“Successful people manage their strengths and potentials and so become not only good at what they are good at but also good at what they are less good at. They also learn how to engage the support of others, when needed, for help with those behaviours that come less easily to them.”