Micheal NíThréinfhir

Mark Kelly from the Kick Company introduced a new concept for football practice A targeted kicker net with bounce back for juvenile players to practice their kicking and catching It was introduced first to the common play area in our local village Mullan and was an immediate hit with both boys and girls in the village getting great fun playing at it Unknown to the children they were also improving their skills and fitness levels

It was then introduced to our club where a more structured use was made of it Juvenile coaches of all ages and with girls and boys brought small groups at a time to the kicker to do intensive targeted kicking and catching sessions The children enjoyed their time at the kicker and looked forward to it being their turn to have a go I understand the principles in the Kick Company are developing software programmes which will aid coaches to practice appropriate age specific skills and evaluate player development

We wish them well in their endeavour and look forward to building on what has already been achieved