Enabling players to stay active while honing their skills on the SkillMaster®️ Ball Rebounder in a fun and rewarding environment.

We aim to keep players involved in the sports they like, develop a training regimen, and improve their talents with SkillMaster®️, which was initially created to promote active play practice at home.

SkillMaster®️ Ball Rebounder has now exceeded our expectations by being adopted by sports groups and schools all throughout Ireland.

SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder

The Tallest Rebounder on the market

Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis all benefit from SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder

€320 + €25 (Delivery Charges)

Total: €340

SkillMaster® offers unrivalled benefits and advantages:

Play Design.

  • Multi-Sport ball rebounder with a contemporary design for real-world performance, measuring 12' tall x 8' wide.
  • Includes a one-of-a-kind coloured target net screen for improved accuracy and visualisation of execution.
  • Two high-tension rebound nets designed to replicate gameplay speeds.

Facilitating Clubs – Modular Design.

  • The modular design allows you to combine as many SkillMaster® units as you like to create the most sophisticated BallWall on the market, with the lowest carbon footprint play for play.
  • Turn any space, however limited, into your own training space.
  • Designed for all weather conditions can be used on grass, tarmac, concrete, Astro, 2G, 3G.

Players active Development.

  • Players gain improved agility, hand-eye co-ordination, reaction speed, ball control, increased fun factor.
  • SkillMaster® covers offsets and gaps in personalised skills development.
  • Coaches use SkillMaster® to focus on players one to one development.
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Medical & Fitness.

  • Players and physios use SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder to isolate the player environment while mimicking real world inputs to identify progressions in rehab and in player fitness assessments.
  • SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder, facilitates technical, tactical development for young and senior players to improve game related situations encountered on the playing field.

Recreational | Pastime.

  • SkillMaster® is great addition to any garden at home to promote play and fun ball play.
  • Covers age groups from 5 to 25+
  • SkillMaster Ball Rebounder built to last.
  • Family fun, for positive progression in a range of sports activities.
  • Safe, rewarding, long term engagement with unwavering quality for your outlay.
SkillMaster® at HOME with Ballsports
SkillMaster® purchase includes all the accessories:
  • 4 x Sandbags (empty)
  • 6 x Steel pins for grass anchoring.
  • 4 x Clamps + bolts for Hard ground permanent anchoring.
Delivery only €25
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