SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder Pro-Player Focus on Staying Active and Challenged While Exploring Skills and Abilities in a Fun and Rewarding Environment SkillMaster®

Modern Play

SkillMaster® focuses on the player, and the player’s development begins at home. Let’s play some more! Participate in more sports and Accept the Challenge to Learn New Skills Through Free Play. Playing naturally unearths talent and abilities in an unconditional way. Similarly, Improve Health and well-being.

SkillMaster® Recognition.

The Founders are meeting with both fellow coaches and also as parents who recognize the challenges that all sports face now and in the future. Our goal is to bring the glory of simplicity to the world of ball skills participation. The Kick Company encourages individuals to adopt a routine of active play through ball skills. Moreover, as part of our primal instinct to be active in a dynamic full-body movement workout that engages full hand-eye coordination.

 Home Clubs Schools.

Ball Skills Contribute to Primary Exercise and Health in the Short-Term. Longer-Term Immersion in Ball Skills Play is Vital for the Quality of Future Games Promotion.

Diversity is a primary goal in establishing The Kick Co. All ages, abilities, and genders are welcomed to play most ball sports, with the goal of encouraging long-term participation.

As technology advances, new challenges emerge, such as sedentary lifestyles, which are a major contributor to poor health and obesity. It is recommended that we get sixty minutes of moderate activity Daily.

Sustainability Awareness Is Critical to Implement at the Grassroots Level; Recognizing Sustainability Within the Club Community Will Bring Future Economic, Environmental, and Dynamic Benefits

Playing fun ball sports activities at home has numerous advantages. SkillMaster® Players can experiment and fail in a safe environment. Progression is synonymous with achievement. Let us work together to encourage players to play naturally as they develop.

The Kick Co. is Pro-Player. We Value Player Led Performance Ambitions.

SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder

The Tallest Rebounder on the market

Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis all benefit from SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder

€320 + €25 (Delivery Charges Throughout Ireland)

Total: €345

SkillMaster® offers unrivalled benefits and advantages:

Play Design.

  • Multi-Sport ball rebounder with a contemporary design for real-world performance, measuring 12' tall x 8' wide.
  • Includes a one-of-a-kind coloured target net screen for improved accuracy and visualisation of execution.
  • Two high-tension rebound nets designed to replicate gameplay speeds.

Facilitating Clubs – Modular Design.

  • The modular design allows you to combine as many SkillMaster® units as you like to create the most sophisticated BallWall on the market, with the lowest carbon footprint play for play.
  • Turn any space, however limited, into your own training space.
  • Designed for all weather conditions can be used on grass, tarmac, concrete, Astro, 2G, 3G.

Players active Development.

  • Players gain improved agility, hand-eye co-ordination, reaction speed, ball control, increased fun factor.
  • SkillMaster® covers offsets and gaps in personalised skills development.
  • Coaches use SkillMaster® to focus on players one to one development.
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Medical & Fitness.

  • Players and physios use SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder to isolate the player environment while mimicking real world inputs to identify progressions in rehab and in player fitness assessments.
  • SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder, facilitates technical, tactical development for young and senior players to improve game related situations encountered on the playing field.

Recreational | Pastime.

  • SkillMaster® is great addition to any garden at home to promote play and fun ball play.
  • Covers age groups from 5 to 25+
  • SkillMaster Ball Rebounder built to last.
  • Family fun, for positive progression in a range of sports activities.
  • Safe, rewarding, long term engagement with unwavering quality for your outlay.
SkillMaster® Player Focused BallSkills Practice.
SkillMaster® Pack Contains, Sandbags. Grasspins. Hard-Ground Clamps.
  • 4 x Sandbags (empty)
  • 6 x Steel pins for grass anchoring.
  • 4 x Clamps + bolts for Hard ground permanent anchoring.
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