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We have made SkillMaster® as versatile as possible so that you can enjoy using it with a wide range of ball sports. SkillMaster® aims to provide hours and hours of fun, while helping you develop your skills, regardless of age or ability.

  • Sports and skills training you can do at home with SkillMaster® enables ball play and practice at match play speeds in a limited space area.
  • Enable to practice at match play speeds in a limited area.
  • Enable to practice without the need to retrieve the ball after every shot.
  • Develop new styles of play. Train like a pro.
  • Focused targets, build skills in your backyard. SkillMaster® a modern training platform and the complete ball skills training unit.

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SkillMaster Product Description

We aimed at keeping kids and youths connected with sports they love, get on their daily routine training,

and improve their skills in the comfort of their homes.

SkillMaster® The complete ball skills training unit. Provides players more time to play. Matchplay speed. Full aerobic | anaerobic activity achieved whilst practicing skills techniques. Exercise while having fun on the ball.

SkillMaster®, versatile to accommodate a range of sports, Gaelic football, Soccer, Hurling, Rugby, Tennis. The dual net design creates multiple combinations of skills that can be practiced.

The bottom net is 1.5 x speed for groundwork, ball control with hands or feet, first touch, and footwork. The top net allows the player to achieve hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision development, attacking the ball, practice soft hands, upper body ball control, static ball strikes. Frame size allows numerous game simulations in specialist disciplines such as; side-line ball throws in Soccer, line outs in Rugby, long-range passing in Gaelic Football, even continuous rallies in Tennis and in Hurling sliothar control, and striking techniques. Pure enjoyment or pursuing a dream that will help you to get to Croke Park, Aviva, Wimbledon! Whatever your ambition?

SkillMaster ®, The kick Company’s first step in a journey to work with parents, coaches, and players of all ages, to bring more enjoyment to the sports they choose. We believe it is important in our formative years, to try numerous sports. Specialization occurs later, playing at the beginning is about learning, finding our game is the adventure. Your sport, a place where likeminded people come together with a shared vision. Embrace practicing the skills and achieving standards that you make your own.

The Kick Company design systems focused on ball skills development for player immersion stints at their place of play, when they choose. Play at their homes.

Play at the pitch, with future-minded coaches who provide high impact coaching sessions on skills development.

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