SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder


SkillMaster® is the tallest vertically standing and moveable ball rebounder available in the world. Improving PlayTime for any player in a host of skills plays that will provide years of practice from grassroots to adult sports players. Competitive or recreational, all ages. SkillMaster® is an all-weather for hot summers and severe winters. (lay it down in strong winds when not in use). Vertical height gives a true real-world simulation of playing. Skills do not have to be modified or adjusted to accommodate SkillMaster® in GAA games, Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis.
• SkillMaster® Player focused. Skills driven. Activity development and encouragement for fun in long-term sports participation. Find your game. The Kick Company: Where Play Takes Shape.
• SkillMaster® is a pro-level piece of equipment. Designed to provide the best value access to unrivaled skills engagement. Every 42mm tube, every bungee, net, and design is about player engagement long-term. Our commitment to player long-term participation is reflected in a product that will have long-term life in the home, school, and club.
• SkillMaster® allows coaches to get closer to skills instruction and skills technique explanation with the players in infinite scenarios of game skills (catching, control, striking ball, body control, movement to the ball, recycling the ball, posture, etc, etc)
• Our emphasis on quality and everyday usability. Visualization targets net ensures a complete solution for multiple disciplines in multiple sports, never before attempted before SkillMaster®.
• Individual & Groups. Direct to customers, SkillMaster®’s qualitative capabilities to private users and scalability for group organizations mean instant accessibility at any price point. Our design provides a unique structure that can accommodate most ball sports to end pounding a ball of a house and giving the player an improved experience.
• Play on any surface with our 3 different anchor options included in each SkillMaster® pack: #4 Sandbags, #6 Steel grass pins, #4 Concrete clamps + Raw bolts (for permeant fixing security)

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SkillMaster® BallWall Rebounder – Advanced Coloured Target Net – Multi-Sport Skills Play & Practice – All Ages – All Abilities Grassroots to Elite Players.

SkillMaster® Ball Rebounder

  • Multiball sport skills training unit. Which provides players more time to play a wider selection of games.
  • Matchplay speed. This means full aerobic and anaerobic activity is achieved whilst practicing skills techniques. Fun Exercise Playing Ball.
  • Unleash your enthusiasm and creative ball skills play in Gaelic football, Hurling, Soccer, Tennis, and Rugby.
  • Enjoy your skills development, in any ball sport.
  • SkillMaster® provides the most realistic ball rebound, allowing you to strike the ball with as much or little power as you wish.
  • Versatility and diversity are key elements, of performance improvement.
  • Hone skills in schools, by creating a unique play environment for player needs.
  • Engage Players in long-term sports activities, essential for health and wellbeing.
  • SkillMaster® is one size only 12ft tall x 8ft wide.
  • Play on the tallest freestanding ball rebounder on the market.
  • Robust Tubing. 3mm thick 42mm Ø galvanized & black powdered coated steel tubes.
  • Top net 8ft x 8ft allows real-world multi-ball delivery and control responses for hours of skills play.
  • Bottom net 8x 4 ft delivering 2x times ball speed,
  • Lower net improves quick reactions times and first touch ball control.
  • Advanced Targeting System. Colored Targets define shot selection.
  • 4 blue sandbags (sand not supplied) that enable immediate play on any surface.