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Gaelic Football
Gaelic football | LGFA: | Passing, Hands, Feet. | Scoring: Hands Feet. | Catching| Ball control | Moving ball pick up.
Catching: above head, chest, body, full over head extension, lower body catch. Kicking: Punt kick, Instep, Outside foot, Off Laces, ground kicks. Hand Pass. forward pass, across body pass, reverse pass. Game simulations: Breaking ball, laying ball of, first touch, soloing and kick, various kick angles, first to ball, ball flight, anticipation, high catch, kick outs, catch and turn, etc, etc
Benefits: Scoring, passing, game enjoyment, Isolate weak areas, focus, Discover dominant side strengths versus less dominate side weakness, incorporate technical skills into match play simulations with SkillMaster®
Soccer: Passing | Scoring | ball return control | Heading | Throw-ins
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Hurling | Camogie
Hurling | Camogie: Passing, Hurl, hand, feet | Scoring: Hurl, Hand, Kick | | Catching| Sliotar control | Sliotar pick up.
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Rugby: Passing | Catching | Kicking | Positions Specific: Lineout Throws, Lineout catches, Jump timing, passing from ruck, conversion kicking, penalty process
General skills -
Passing - Punch pass, Pop pass, Spin pass, End over End pass, Single hand offload. Looping distance pass.
Catching - high overhead field, high catch to chest, high chest catches with turn, 1 v 1 fielding exercises. Restart fielding.
Kicking - chip, punt, spiral, grubber kick against low net, Garryowen kick over net. Drop kick
Position specific:
Hooker - lineout throws using target holes, varying distances, varying targets.
Lineout jumper - catching from lineout. Jump Timing.
Scrum half - passing from ruck, maintaining low height through pass. Garryowen
Kicker - conversion/penalty kick process
Benefits: skill repetitions, multi directional rebounding allows players to develop reaction skills, game-based activity to stimulate learning, safe environment to develop both sides of body.
SkillMaster® is The Kick Company’s first step in a journey to work with parents, coaches, and players of all ages, to bring more enjoyment to the skills of their chosen game.

Skills Improve Your Game

The Kick Company exists to assist players in honing their abilities, improving their game, and training to become the best footballers they can be!

The Kick Company’s initial step in a journey to engage with parents, coaches, and players of all ages to make the sport they pick more enjoyable is SkillMaster ®.

SkillMaster brings pro-level skills practice to all players, whether at home, school, or in a club setting, players want the best.

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SkillMaster provides the opportunity to practice at your pace, challenge yourself and perfect your game.

The Gladwell 10,000 hour rule: It takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of any complex skill. Team training sessions once or twice weekly only count for a small fraction of this time.

Skills of the game are developed and perfected through practice at home, at school, individually or with friends. SkillMaster brings high level high intensity skills training to any training space, for hours and hours of practice and enjoyment!

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SkillMaster® at Home
  • Encourage skills development and physical activity at home.
  • Bring high intensity skills work to your back yard.
  • Suitable for soft or hard ground, in an space.
  • Replicate gameplay speeds at home.
  • Protect home property from damage.
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SkillMaster in Clubs/Schools
  • Build a Ball-Wall or SkillsZone in your club/school.
  • Skillmaster can be used by individuals/small groups at school breaks or during PE classes.
  • Intergrate SkillMaster into School team training sessions.
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  • Use SkillMaster as a 1-on-1 coaching tool.
  • Integrate SkillMaster into team training sessions.
  • Players can then replicate team sessions at home with their own SkillMaster.
  • Replicate match play speeds/intensity while remaining focused on core skills.

SkillMaster® is The Kick Company’s first step in a journey to work with parents, coaches, and players of all ages, to bring more enjoyment in skills mastery to the sport they choose.