Jonny Seanachán Sabhaois

After receiving contact from Gerry at the Kick Company in July 2019 drawing our attention to the Rebounder I was immediately interested. Having briefly used a rebounder in the past for underage coaching I knew there were benefits to engaging with this type of training system. Our training strategy includes maximising the number of ball touches underage players are exposed to in every session and I knew incorporating a rebounder would help increase this figure in each session. We agreed with the Kick company to take part in a trial period, test drive the equipment with no obligation to purchase. Gerry arrived quickly onsite and installed our first rebounder. Immediately I was amazed as the size and scale of the Rebounder. 12 feet high and 8 ft wide its sheer size captured the attention of our underage players who were eager to get going and test the system out. After trailing the rebounder for two weeks the benefits were immediately obvious.


Kids were completely engaged from the start. Underage players will now arrive before training sessions and commence there warm up with shooting into the rebounder. This piece of equipment has also created a scenario whereby underage players will come to the field outside formal training sessions and practice kicking and catching. The rebounder adds so much value to the individual players training regime. Previously players would spend time shooting into empty goals and having to retrieve the ball after each shot. The rebounder now affords players the ability to engage in an individual session that develops their core football skills and reaction time. Our underage coaching panel are in agreement that this has been a significant addition to our coaching equipment.


We have since purchased two rebounders and they are now an integral feature at our Underage training facility. Benefiting individual sessions as well as group sessions. Oisin McConville has given his stamp of approval for the Kick Company rebounder. I asked Oisin what he felt were the benefits of having the rebounder as part of our regular training. Oisin had this to say…‘Kids can play on their own, the rebounder improves accuracy and most importantly the consistency of that accuracy. It Improves handling as a result of the ball rebounding and helps over all hand to eye coordination.


The biggest overall benefit from what I’ve seen is that the kid’s confidence in their kick passing and shooting and probably unaware to themselves they have improved their handling and taken that in to their game. Benefits overall have been huge…’


Since installing our 2 Rebounders parents of our underage players has also seen the benefits and the rebounders are now popping up in gardens throughout the area. I highly recommend this piece of equipment and would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Gerry and Mark at the Kick Company for introducing it to us.