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We believe everyone can achieve their goals, with good practice

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Where Play Takes Shape

Personal Tracking

  • SideKick with its unique “Target Screen” allows you decide your goals.
  • Create your own combinations for your training.
  • Work on game visualization withSideKick, Find Your Edge.

Our rapid rebound net tests your reactions and ball control. The bottom net is quicker still. Be ready.

Improve Skills & Fitness

  • Improve skills & fitness in your favorite sport withSideKick, on your terms.
  • Train at home. Without upsetting the household.
  • SideKick maximizes yard space and time, allowing full skills simulation.

Group Coaching

  • SideKick is designed to be used in group coaching also.
  • Sidekick is design broaden the scope of practice for one to one coaching in many ball sport disciplines.
  • Its limited only by imagination and ambition.

Achieve your best game, be persistent keep practicing, no excuses.

Play • Train • Enjoy

Develop your own style, strength and fitness.
  Improve your confidence in the security of your own backyard. Believe in yourself.

Gerry B.SideKick ©

We believe SideKick brings freedom. Explore and develop your skills. SideKick opens the confines of your home.

SideKick appeals to giving it a go without judgement. Develop skills at your own pace, alone or in company.

Our core motive is that any person at home or beyond may experience the fun of being immersed in their game.

SideKick for the beginner to the elite player, individually or in groups.

SideKick works with Gaelic footballs, Sliotars, Soсcer balls. Rugby balls, Australian Rules, Baseball and Tennis balls.

You get the picture!!

Grow in confidence as your practice increases and your skills build.

Improve your confidence in the security of your backyard. Believe in yourself.

Improve your game

Find Your Edge

Improve your Game
  • Mimic your heroes
  • Develop new styles of play
  • Create scores for each Kick
  • Practice to improve
  • Sidekick is a place to improve skills and agility.

You create your own rules. Our unique target net positioned behind our large rebound net.

Creates infinite target challenge simulations.

The red vertical and horizontal lines mimic visualisation techniques for gauging ball direction from different shot angles.

The small net on the lower part of SideKick is an even quicker net, to sharpen reflexes and close work. But be quick, you must control the ball as is comes back.

No matter where you live or what size your yard is. SideKick creates your training space. Sidekick, always ready to play, there for you anytime all the time.


SideKick Carton size Weight
Ball , Skills & Fitness Wall 1435mm x 450mm x 150mm 46kg, 2 boxes 23Kg Each
Included in Carton:

  • 1- 2400mm x 3600mm (8ft x 12ft) Steel frame (42mm galvanised & powdered coated steel tubes - 20 pieces)
  • 1 - Large Top net
  • 1 - Small Bottom Net
  • 1 – Target Net
  • 90 – Elastic Ropes
  • 18 – Bolts & washers (Tools included)
  • 4 – Eye Bolts
  • 4 – Sandbags
  • 4 – Eye Bolts
  • 6 – U Pins (for installation over soft ground)
  • 4 – Steel Brackets and Anchors (for installation over hard surfaces e.g. concrete)
  • 4 – Stickers
  • Full Installation Guide


Sidekick Rebound Wall
Sidekick Rebound Wall

SideKick 12ft x 8ft ball – Skills & Fitness wall, comes equipped with 2 highly elastic HDPE rebound nets. SideKick creates training space – helps you improve your game – develop new styles of play – brings skills and fitness to a new level in a fun and interactive way. Train like a pro, improve your performance.

€ 250

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